Car Pet Safety Window Guard

I saw this and thought, that is toooo funny but how many of us roll our car windows down to let our pups stick their head out the window? Pups can actually jump out of the window and become injured and lost. There are different option including this one or krrping the window rolled … Continue reading Car Pet Safety Window Guard


It’s a boy!

Update on the collie from Pikes Peak Humane Society in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Thanks to everyone for sharing his post he was rescued by RMCSR and a dear friend I used to doggie sit for named Marta adopted him. His new name is London and he is doing great. Marta shared, "We lost our 13-year-old … Continue reading It’s a boy!

Willow the collie puppy is home safe- Willow’s Stort

This is the story of Willow: “Willow” is my beautiful sable collie that was a gift from my husband, she was born in October 2017 and the 7th addition to our current mix of canine babies. We run a veterinary clinic and have naturally acquired a number of dogs that needed a loving home, from … Continue reading Willow the collie puppy is home safe- Willow’s Stort